Venue Operational Requirements / 05. Patrons / 5.1 Patron Access to Gaming

Venue Operational Requirements

5.1 Patron Access to Gaming

A venue operator must during any period in which the venue operator offers gaming to a person afford members of the public aged 18 and over unfettered access to the gaming areas of the venue, subject to the Act, conditions on the licence and any rules the Commission may make under section 3.5.23 of the Act.
However, the venue operator may:
    • impose and enforce a code of dress that is reasonable in the circumstances (and not inconsistent with any dress code the Commission may impose);
    • exclude from the venue a person whose behaviour would be unacceptable in a public place;
    • exclude from the venue a person who has sought to be excluded from gaming venues under a voluntary self-exclusion scheme;
    • exclude a person engaged in syndicate play.

Refer to Rule 3 of VCGR Rules

Refer to Responsible Gambling section in Venue Manual Refer to Responsible Gambling Chapter 2.0 Self-Exclusion Program