Venue Operational Requirements / 01. Approved Gaming Venue / 1.3 Modification of Gaming Machine Area

Venue Operational Requirements

1.3 Modification of Gaming Machine Area

A venue operator must not modify a GMA in an approved venue without the approval of the Commission.

A proposal by a venue operator to modify the GMA or the gaming machine layout (or increase/decrease machine numbers) must be approved by the Commission before the changes are made.

The Commission may grant, with or without conditions, or refuse to grant an application for approval of modification of a gaming machine area having regard to the size, layout and facilities of the approved venue; and any other matter that the Commission considers relevant.

Refer to section 3.3.16 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003. Where an approved venue contains a children's play area, the Commission will have regard to the Decision-Making Guidelines-Assessment of children's play areas in gaming premises in determining an application by a venue operator to modify a gaming machine area.

Further details are also available with the application for approval available in the Online Gambling Services Portal

Refer to Venue Manual Section 1.2 - Premises Approval