Venue Operational Requirements / 01. Approved Gaming Venue

Venue Operational Requirements

01. Approved Gaming Venue

Section 3.3.4 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 makes provisions for applications for approval of premises as suitable for gaming.
Information contained in this chapter is provided to assist:
    • any person proposing to apply for approval of premises as suitable for gaming; and
    • venue operator intending to modify a gaming machine area.

Applying for Approval of Premises as Suitable for Gaming

The guidance below is provided to assist any person proposing to apply for approval of premises as suitable for gaming

Review VCGLR Website

Prospective Venue Operators should review all relevant sections of the website.

Completion of application forms

A person seeking approval of new premises as suitable for gaming will need to complete the Application Form listed on the VCGLR website under ‘Gaming venue operator forms’.

Gaming Machine Area (GMA) Plans to be attached

As detailed in 12. Premises Plan and Layout of the ‘Approval of Premises for Gaming’ Application Form (link attached above), there must be attached to the Form:
    • A 1:100 scale plan of the premises. This must show the location of the proposed gaming machine area within the premises and other services to be provided including: bistro, bars, sports bar, toilets, outdoor smoking areas, etc.
    • A 1:50 scale plan of the proposed gaming machine area. This must show the proposed placement of gaming machines and other services to be provided in or adjacent to the gaming machine area, including cashier area, bar facilities, toilets, entrances, catering facilities, external smoking areas, etc.

Gaming Machine entitlements required

A Venue Operator must hold gaming machine entitlements to conduct gaming in an approved venue – further details can be found in the Gaming Machine Entitlements section of the Manual.

Site inspection following receipt of application

Following receipt of an application, the Commission may carry out a site inspection to assess the suitability of the premises for the management and operation of gaming machines, in particular whether the size, layout and facilities will be suitable.

Commission’s decision

The Commission will consider the application and notify the applicant of its decision in writing.

If the application is successful and the applicant subsequently satisfies all conditions of the decision, a Notice of Approved Premises for Gaming will be issued together with approved plans of the premises and the gaming machine area.

Inclusion of premises on Venue Operator’s Licence

After the Notice of Approved Premises for Gaming has been issued, the applicant must apply to the VCGLR to include the approved premises on a Venue Operator’s licence. The application forms to include or remove approved premises can be found on the VCGLR website (link above) under ‘Venue Operators Forms’.