Responsible Gambling / 1.0 Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

1.0 Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

The Gambling Regulation Act 2003 makes it compulsory for certain organisations that hold gambling industry licences to have a Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Code) and, in the case of gaming venue operators, a Self Exclusion Program (SEP) in place.
The organisations required to have a Code are all:
    • Gaming venue operators*
    • Bingo centre operators
    • Commercial raffle organisers
    • The casino operator
    • The holder of the wagering and betting licence or the wagering and betting operator
    • Public lotteries licence holders
    • The Keno Licensee
    • Interactive gaming licensees and
    • Registered bookmakers.
It does not apply to bingo or raffles which are run solely by declared community and charitable organisations, or to trade promotion lotteries.

*Gaming venue operators must also have an approved Self-Exclusion Program in place.