1.08 Pre-commitment Scheme

A Code must specify what the venue operator will do to:
(a) ensure customers are aware of the pre-commitment scheme
(b) inform customers of their ability to set limits on their game play and track their play across the State by using the pre-commitment scheme
(c) support customers who have decided to use pre-commitment
(d) ensure trained staff are available to promote and support the pre-commitment scheme.

Where pre-commitment is offered to customers, a Code must specify:
(a) that the venue operator will make appropriate information about the features and functions of the pre-commitment scheme available to participants
(b) that the venue operator will provide participants with information about how to use the pre-commitment system to set limits and track their game play
(c) how and when that information will be provided.

A Code must require that interaction with customers occurs in a manner that respects to the customer’s right to privacy.

Pre-commitment scheme information must be provided and displayed by the venue operator in accordance with the requirements of their Code.

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