Important information for noting

Venue operators are required to comply with the minimum standards contained in this version of the Venue Manual (“the Manual”).

The Manual does not represent the complete extent of the legislative requirements and the Commission makes no warranty or representation in this regard. It is recommended that users seek independent legal advice to determine what other requirements may be applicable in relation to other legislation, including, but not limited to, the Corporations Act 2001, Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. Also, the obligations under the Act do not override the requirements of other legislation.

The onus is on users to comply with the requirements of all legislation, regulations and directions, and reliance upon only the information in this Manual will not be accepted by the Commission as a reasonable cause for non-compliance.

When using or reproducing any information from the Manual, please ensure that it is from the current version of the Manual on the Commission website. The Commission takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the current version of the Manual is available; however the Commission does not warrant that the Manual will always be current, complete and accurate.

In this Manual, the term “the Act” refers to the Gambling Regulation Act 2003. The Act has not been incorporated in its entirety into the Manual. Any other Acts referred to are written in full, e.g. Corporations Act 2001. The term “Regulations” relates to the Gambling Regulation Regulations 2005. Any other regulations referred to are written in full. “Instruments” refer to instruments executed by the Commission pursuant to the Act and subordinate legislation, such as directions, delegations, appointments, etc. References to these various documents are not warranted to be complete.

Where the requirements set out in the Manual are not fully understood, or guidance is required in relation to compliance, the Commission may be contacted in the first instance.

However, the Commission cannot be held liable for any guidance provided. It is the responsibility of the reader of the document to obtain their own independent legal advice should they be unsure of the legalities of the operation or effect of the provisions of the information provided. The Commission encourages venue operators to seek legal advice in any instance where they consider this would assist them in fully understanding how the standards relate to the individual nature of their venue(s).